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Hey Admin,  tell ladies  to be careful with these foreign men they meet in the  streets.If you see a dude from Congo run,if you see a dude from Ghana run,if you see a dude from Nigeria run faster.

I used to live in this apartment hapo Ngong road.We had several Nigerians kwa apartment.

Most landlords don’t like Nigerians in their apartment but that’s where Kenyan girls come in.A lady uses her name to rent an apartment,before you know it.You have 12 Nigerians living in a two bedroom house.But that is not the exact point.

A year ago on a Saturday hapo ma 5pm.The watchman opened the gate to 5 police vehicles.Wale maaskari wa bunduki.I was just from hanging clothes uko nyuma.Kidogo I see this Nigerian dude ameruka from 3rd floor.

These askaris don’t even have huruma.Sisi wote nje tuliambiwa tulale chini.They went to all these houses removing those Nigerian dudes na girlfriends.Girlfriends wanakuanga wakenya mostly.In the House they found drugs.

Watu wakabebwa mateke mpaka kwa police station.Those dudes defense ilikua the “The lease isn’t in our names,we are just guests,the women are the ones selling drugs.”Those guyz stuck to that story like glue.The apartment next to ours was also raided.They didn’t find the Nigerians who were living there,they found girlfriends.This chiqs tried telling the cops but wapi,they were arrested and charged for selling cocaine.

Four women I know personally were arrested in SA over drugs few years back.This is what happened.One of them met a Nigerian dude at junction.Became friends,then got into a relationship.I have never understood how they manage to fool even the smartest of women (juju is the only explanation).

Now once they were dating,she started introducing her friends too wale wako single.She managed to hook four of her friends up.One of them got engaged after 6 months.You Know how fast “Yahoo” boys fall in love when they are trying to run game on you.Marrying you won’t be a problem.He will marry you and send you on death row (they have no empathy).

So they decide to celebrate the engagement Cape town.The dudes tell them they are going ahead to prepare a villa they had rented.Chiqs are happy.SA!!Who wouldn’t want to?.Suitcases are bought by the boyfriends.Those dudes take the old suitcases that these women had and present them with Luis Vuitton suitcases.

These chiqs got out of Kenya fine.Ngori ikaanza pale SA.These dudes did the same thing,they cut places ndani ya suitcase.Four Women ended up in prison for something they didn’t know about.These Nigerians you meet in these Kenyan streets will wreck havoc on your life and not be seen ever again.

The time I went to Ethiopia there were two dudes sweating kwa check point.One of them started being friendly then tells me “Can you look after my bags for me.” I laughed and laughed and told him “I wasn’t born yesterday.” After nimefika uko mbele I see dogs and security running towards them.

Coincidentally when I was coming back at immigration JKIA those guys were talking about how they don’t like processing Nigerians and Ghanaian passports,Ati juu they are always in Kenya to cause trouble.

Stay safe ladies these dudes you see wameenda kuset standards 1824 na kununua drinks za 20K will land you in trouble.Ata akwambie babake ni prince wa dubai kataa hizo story.

Nigerians wamefanya hadi we now have to use visas going to Malaysia.They also wanted to change the rules for us at the Thai embassy because of the same Nigerians.Actually I got to the Malaysian embassy and the things I was told at reception.Lets say they make the rest of us look bad.
Stay safe ladies.
They will tell me I’m stereotyping but it’s okey.


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