Monday June 24, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Industrialization, Peter Munya, narrated on Monday morning that Deputy President William Ruto made a call to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealing that some CSs and senior Government officials were plotting to kill him.

Speaking to the media from the DCI headquarters, Munya said that four CSs were summoned following a call that was made by DP Ruto, complaining that his life was in danger.

The four CSs include Joe Mucheru (ICT), Peter Munya (Trade & Industrialization), James Macharia (Transport) and Sicily Kariuki (Health).

Munya claimed that according to the DCI officer who summoned them, DP Ruto complained about a meeting by a section of Government officials which he suspected had a sinister agenda.

"The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya made a call and complained that some Cabinet Secretaries and some other senior Government officials met at La Mada Hotel and he gave a specific date of May 14th.”

"In that meeting, he claimed there were plans hatched to kill him," Munya stated.
According to Munya, it was this call that led to the summoning of the CSs to the DCI headquarters.

"That is why the DCI thought those allegations were serious enough to summon us to a meeting this morning," Munya continued.

He further stated that the CSs had not made any written statement, noting that it is standard procedure that a person with such an allegation should record a statement, which had not been done.

"We did not write a statement as the Deputy President did not record a statement.”

“Standard procedures state that anyone who makes allegations is required by law to record a statement," Munya stated. 

Munya disclosed that the CSs had been meeting regularly and will continue to do so without any fear whatsoever.

"The Constitution clearly stipulates that we have a right to enjoy our freedom of expression and freedom of association, so long as we do not meet to plan on criminal activities," Munya declared.


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