Thursday June 6, 2019-State House Secretary for Diaspora communication, Dennis Itumbi, has supported Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claims that there are some people in State House who are after his downfall.

According to Itumbi, there was a day he witnessed some of the leaders at the State House making plans on how to deny Sonko microphone so that he could not address the public. It left Governor with no option other than forcing things out.

"One day, I was present in a car when this so-called "The System" called a State MC to deny Mike Sonko the Microphone in a public event. Governor had to stand up to the official bullies and insist on speaking. He is not lying about frustrations by some people," Itumbi tweeted.

Governor Sonko had mentioned that there are some State House leaders, going by the name ‘The System’ not the President though, that is frustrating his efforts to deliver to the Nairobians. 

He even said that the ‘The System' are the ones that paid Esther Passaris to come and provoke him in public. That led to the stand-off between Sonko and Passaris during the Madaraka Day celebrations.

"These people in the system who are the main financiers of Kieleweke thought am receiving instructions from Tangatanga and DP Ruto to attack the two guys, she (Passaris) was sent (by them) to provoke me for nothing," stated Sonko.

The Governor went ahead to reveal that it was ‘The System’ that murdered former Security Minister George Saitoti and his Assistant, Orwa Ojode, in a plane crash in Ngong Forest.


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