Wednesday June 26, 2019 - Sources close to Deputy President William Ruto have revealed that he only wants to talk to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss, George Kinoti, about his assassination claims.

According to reports, Economic Crime Unit Chief, Michael Sang, who had been assigned by Kinoti to lead the investigation, was kept waiting on Monday and was unable to meet the DP.

Other sources, however, indicated that Sang was told to ask his boss to organize a meeting with Ruto.

“(Sang) was kept waiting for the better part of Monday afternoon in vain.”

“We are still waiting for the way forward,” a source who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal said.

Ruto was contacted by Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai, who told him why it was important to have his statement taken.

He, however, declined and insisted that only Kinoti could take his statement.


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  1. one can't never go to the agent and the system of mt Kenyans assassination to record a statement.

    That's for free.

    mt Kenyans should accept their mugiki IQ is known and all Kenyans working with you guys know that and they have to be extra careful. Right from the moment you guys state calling the dp corrupt: yet even a dead mt Kenya in abyss knows your guys are the most corrupt and hiding the zombie now referred to super CS.