See the man whom STATE HOUSE wants to replace useless MIKE SONKO in Nairobi in 2022 – SONKO should start packing his bags

Wednesday June 12, 2019-Jubilee Party blogger, Pauline Njoroge, has urged former Kiambu County Governor, William Kabogo, to vie for Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2022 and replace useless Mike Sonko.

 In a post on Tuesday, Pauline, who has strong connections with State House, urged Kabogo to shift his political base to Nairobi and run as the chief executive officer of the country's capital city.

“Nairobi exported a governor to Kiambu County. I am thinking it’s time my home county returned the favour. Kabogo should drop Kiambu politics and come to Nairobi. That would make 2022 'veeeeeery' interesting in this city. The sale of popcorn would triple," Pauline wrote. 

Despite a section of Kiambu residents have been asking Kabogo to make a comeback, the flamboyant politician has repeatedly refused to be drawn into the debate, arguing it was too early to start 2022 politics.

However, in a recent interview on Kameme FM, Kabogo hinted at vying for presidency in the next general election.

"I might be on the ballot in 2022 but as I have repeatedly said it is early to start talking about an election which is four years away. We have just come out of another poll, now is time to work," Kabogo said.


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