Friday June 28, 2019-The mystery surrounding the alleged plot to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto took an interesting turn yesterday after DCI detectives turned heat on the DP and his aides.
The DCI want to establish whether the purported letter of Ruto’s alleged assassination that started the saga came from them.
Detectives believe that people sympathetic or allied to the Deputy President might have generated the letter to create the impression that his life was in danger to create unnecessary panic in the country.
They have narrowed their focus to bloggers and some of the hangers-on around Mr. Ruto.
This comes even as the DCI is seeking help from American investigators to probe the origins of the letter in question.
There is still uncertainty on whether there is a real threat to the life of the Deputy President or if this is merely a political gimmick taken too far.
This is after it emerged that no letter on Ruto’s planned assassination had been sent to State House, as its registry does not have it in hard copy.
Ruto, who is at the centre of the storm, has since remained silent over the matter.


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