Thursday June 20, 2019 - Former Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto, is now seeking legal action against the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) for allegedly discriminating against some students.

Addressing journalists after a meeting with Law Society of Kenya South Rift region officials, Ruto claimed that it was unfair for the board to deny some students funding just because they did not have National Identification Cards (IDs)

He argued that the decision was a violation of their rights and that it was something they could not avoid because some are yet to attain the legal age of obtaining an ID.

He, therefore, instructed his lawyers to go to court.

"I have instructed lawyers to move to court and challenge the issue as a matter of public interest after hundreds of students reported to us that they are being discriminated against by HELB for a mistake that is not of their own making,” he said.

He further divulged that the decision by HELB is keeping thousands of students out of the kitty despite some even having their ID waiting cards.

He was speaking at his Tumoi home in Chepalungu on Monday.


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