Ruthless! See what greedy MPs are planning to do SRC and its commissioners? They will soon be begging on streets - Never joke with MPs

Tuesday June 11, 2019 - MPs have taken their war with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) a notch higher after they vowed to ground its operations by reducing the pay perks of the commissioners from millions to a meagre Ksh 16,700 per month.

The legislators have been in a cold relationship with SRC following the recent suit against MPs over their house allowances.

SRC filed a petition in court to have legislators' house allowance scrapped off and the MPs ordered to return the amount they have received over the past one year.

The MPs now want to amend the law and deny the SRC bosses their hefty monthly perks.

This move is seen as a vengeance plot by Parliament.
If they have their way, the current SRC commissioners will forfeit their monthly salaries and will be only entitled to a sitting allowance, which the lawmakers want to be pegged at Ksh 50,000 per session.

Some crafty MPs are even considering reducing the suggested Ksh 50,000 allowance for each sitting, which would make service as a Commissioner in the SRC the lowest paid within the job group.

Should MPs amend the Act, therefore, commissioners will earn a maximum Ksh 200,000 annually after holding the four recommended sittings which translate to Ksh 16,700 a month.


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