Thursday, June 20, 2019 - Former Presidential candidate, Jeffer Sori, was spied on by residents of Sololo Sub-County where he has been hosting public political gatherings  before he was arrested by police manning a road-block on Marsabit-Moyale Highway with bhang worth Ksh 13.4 million.

The Kenyan DAIILY POST has learnt that members of the public had spotted the politician’s team loading substances resembling bhang in one of his trademark campaign haulers during the public gatherings that he has been holding.

 A group of men, who were familiar with Sori’s movements yesterday [Wednesday, June 19], called and alerted police, who were manning a roadblock at a place called KBC Barrier, 6Kms from Marsabit Town. The group urged the police to insist on inspecting Sori’s vehicle, given most times, the mheshimiwa finds a way of dodging the barricade,” a source said.

The 45 year old politician tried to use every means possible to stop police who were manning a road block on Marsabit-Moyale Highway from inspecting his vehicle.

However, his proverbial forty days finally reached after police found 445 kilograms of bhang worth Ksh 13.4 Million in a trolley that was being towed by his Toyota Prado.

The ex-Presidential candidate is a notorious drug dealer who has been masquerading as a businessman and a humanitarian.


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