Saturday, June 1, 2019-One of the bishops who was insulted and threatened  by rogue pastor James Mainga Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism in a video that has gone viral has quit his Neno Evangelism Church.

Bishop Robert Wafula who was running the Neno Evangelism Church branch in Mombasa, handed over crucial documents to church elders and leaders as a sign of handing over leadership to them.

Bishop Robert Wafula was one of the bishops who were targeted by Ng’ang’a in the video that has been going rounds on social media.

He is among the bishops accused of disrespecting Ng’ang’a’s wife.

While handing over the leadership, Bishop Robert Wafula shed tears  in the pulpit and denied claims that he is among the bishops who were disrespecting Ng’ang’a’s wife.

He is accused Ng’ang’a  of frustrating him and interfering with church affairs.

Here are photos of Robert Wafula(the man in white suit) handing over the leadership.


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