Wednesday June 12, 2019 - COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has predicted the possible outcome of the much awaited 2022 presidential elections.

And though he appears to have slowed down on his recent rants and attacks on Deputy President William Ruto who is also eyeing the seat, he has kept the debate alive on social media.

Venting on social media on Sunday, Atwoli said that Kenyans should warm up for Baringo Senator Gideon Moi's Presidency after the elections, though the KANU boss has remained largely silent on his bid.

"Greetings from your fifth President," Atwoli wrote on Facebook on Sunday, following it up with a photo of the last born son of former and longest serving President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

On Monday, he said that the Deputy President seat will go to former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth, who unsuccessfully vied for the top seat in the 2013 polls.

"Our incoming DP sends his humble greetings. Beginning of the rise of Kenya. Feel free to screenshot this, 2022 is slowly shaping up," he wrote again.

Though Gideon has hinted at vying for the top seat, he has repeatedly noted that the nation needs to concentrate on better things for now.

Kenneth, on the other hand, has gone largely silent after losing the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in the 2017 polls.


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  1. that will never happen. he will be roasted as the present election thief was roasted when his dad introduced his to KANU and the presidential race of 2003.
    The senator has done nothing for baringo county to date. All they do is fence their farm with state of art fencing just as the present election thief had done as you drive from gata to salga. Baringo road are all rattling and the fool flies across the county and no ground reality of the hardships Baringo people as face with everyday. One needs a 4 wheel drive to drive in baringo. The road the senator and his mpig brother have made now and it the past and they blow the CDF and district funds, are un-passible. Only road to their land periphery are road worthy. This the garbage that come with the senator for free.
    He doesn't even know his relatives and they never help their relative - apart from those who are misers/sadists as he is.
    COTU zombie, stop pitch for booby shit. He will be like the present election vampire thief - credited with being the best but actual fact, the worst that should never be in the face of the republic of Kenya.

  2. Senator Moi for Pezzo?!! Kwani hii kiti ni ya familia mbili Kenya hii?? My vote goes automatically to whomever will be the other candidate as a protest to this kind of nonsense!!