Ms PAMELA MUNYESHI CEO of Amaica restaurant on the spot for firing a staff who went to attend to his wife after their kid died during delivery.


While at work on 2nd May, 2019, Max a worker at Amaica restaurant, off Peponi Road, received a call informing him that his wife had gone into labour and needed to be rushed to the hospital. She managed to take an uber to the hospital and all was well until the following day, 3rd May, when her condition worsened. He was asked to transfer her to Pumwani Maternity for an emergency Ceasarian operation.

He took her there and returned home at 3am, as he had to be at work in the morning. At 7am, he received a call that she was being prepared for theatre. He called his bosses at around 8am asking if he could go and be with his wife, but was denied permission to do so. Later on, at around 1.30pm, he got another distressing call informing him that his wife had made it out of theatre, but the baby died soon after she was born.

He was urgently needed at the theatre to sign some hospital papers and the official death report. He requested permission to go to the hospital, but the CEO Ms Pamela Muyeshi declined his request. His immediate supervisor sympathised with him, however, and granted him leave on the condition that he put his request in writing. While he was away, he kept updating his employer on everything that was happening.

On returning to work on Monday, he was asked to write a report on how the baby died and to explain how he was granted permission to take time off work. The following day, on Tuesday, the CEO demanded to see the burial permit, death certificate and any other documents proving that the death had occurred. That same afternoon, she instructed the manager to terminate the worker's employment, saying that she doesn't employ people so that they can go to attend to their dead children. His work had been terminated, yet his contract runs till June.

Via Sema Ukweli Kenya

  1. She needs to be fired too.

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