Monday, June 24, 2019 – Kenya’s national football team, Harambee Stars, kicked off their 2019 African Cup of Nations campaign on Sunday night, with a disappointing 2-0 defeat at the hands of the Desert Warriors of Algeria.

The excitement among Kenyans ahead of the match after a 15-year absence from the tournament was palpable.

However, the team looked disjointed, clueless and hapless and could have lost by more goals.

Harambee Stars now have a mountain to climb in their next two matches against Senegal and neighbors Tanzania if they hope to avoid an early exit.

As Kenyans continue to express their disappointment, Canadian based vocal lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has said that Harambee Stars had no chance against Algeria.

According to Miguna, victory in soccer requires brain work, strategy and coordination of tactics which is not possible in ‘despotic’ states.

Taking to twitter, Miguna wrote: 

"Algerians are on the streets in their millions executing a revolution against despots while Kenyans are cheering their tyrants. Victory in soccer requires brain work: calculation, strategy, coordination and tactics. Not possible in despotic states. #HarambeeStars #DespotsMustFall."

His sentiments were echoed by former Kakamega Senator, Dr. Boni Khalwalwe, who described the team’s performance as ‘useless’

"Harambee Stars displayed nothing but an amazing total lack of attacking ideas in this match which they completed without a single shot on target! Bure kabisa (utterly useless)!" Khalwewe said.


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  1. Talk about your country Canada...you are busy poking your dirty (othinyo) nose to kenyan state...jealous will kill you..zunga njaruo bado tahuiri ...mchafu wewe...kuma. BIMBO

  2. those are the sons of luos, luyhas, with primitive football with 1 IQ rating that can't and wouldn't play any international football anywhere. Bure kabisa. Mpande ndege na murubi ma kwenu.