Monday, June 24, 2019 - Not long ago, popular Ugandan media personality, Martha Kay, was the talk of social media after her nude photos spread online like bushfire.

Her big and juicy naked derriere, tiny waist and big breasts were clearly displayed in the nudes but despite her gorgeous body that is shaped like a coca-cola bottle, some have been complaining about the size of her private parts.

Speaking to Uganda’s Spark TV, Martha Kay commented on her private parts saying, “After social media found out the issues with my body parts, they have always criticized the size of my private parts saying that “ I am like this” I am like that. People have always had a lot to say about my body and it has actually made me to embrace it because I can’t change my body parts. Now, whatever they say doesn’t offend me at all.” She said.

This is the size that men have been complaining about.


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