Monday June 24, 2019 - Industrialization CS, Peter Munya, has dragged the name of President Uhuru Kenyatta into a case involving four Cabinet Secretaries from Mt. Kenya, who were summoned to record statements with DCI over a plan to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking on behalf of the CSs and other senior Government officials implicated in the nefarious plot to exterminate the DP before 2022 elections, Munya said the alleged meetings which they were holding were on instructions of President Kenyatta.

They, however, denied that the meetings discussed anything sinister against Ruto or any other individuals – saying they were purely for development purposes.

The President asked me to coordinate meetings with CSs and senior Government officials from Mt. Kenya after complaints by area MPs that they were having challenges accessing us," the CS stated.

“Our meetings were meant to fast track development projects in the Mt. Kenya region which has an equal right to access development like any other region.”

“There was nothing sinister about this and we are surprised that such a wild unsubstantiated claim can come from the Office of the Deputy President,” Munya said.

He also disclosed that the investigation officer had informed him that they had received a complaint from Ruto via a phone call.


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  1. pumpkin head!

    when your satanic schemes have been known as it's your norms of state assassination.

    Why do you used your private guns to shoot yourselves right from your asses pointing in the direction of your heads in alignment with your backbone. Once, it's done come and tell Kenyans how it feels by going through it

    What the value of mt Kenya presidency since independence to date! all that they do is loot and assassinate Kenya potential leaders by their zombie. In all their regimes, they've been rejected even before their first team end to the extend they rig and assassinate Kenyans and kill their own in rift valley and blame it on natives of rift valley for their premeditated crimes. These bustards die due to cancer as a strike from God.

    You cannot be president with your killer appointees working at statehouse one tribe and pretend to the nation you are not part of the scheme of not plotting to assassinate the dp and who's next.

    Kenya doesn't belong to mt Kenya thieve and murders. Mt Kenyans should grow up and smell the coffee.

    To justify they plot against the scheme, they started by saying that a pastor in Zimbabwe or Zambia was given the vision of state assassination in east Africa nation and the fire wax that will happens once they commit the crime. Various boobies, the atwoli, murathe, have stated that the dp would be on the 2022 ballot boxes. These other 4 CSs with their mastermind operating from statehouse in their mission of assassinating the dp after failing to soil his name for trying to project him on all failures of their regimes on the dp and exonerating the election vampire to be meaning well for the state he robs everyday with all the debts he borrows and loots at the same time.

    Mr president, could you come out clean and state to the republic of Kenya how many Kenyans do you and your cult cohort intend to assassinate? Your body language during the late Prof Saitoti was telling a lot - you were not innocent on his state assassination. May God revisit you and all your cult cohort in revenging the blood of those assassination during your father and yourself and it shall be well both in heaven and on earth for the republic of Kenya.

    Mt Kenyans folks, stop these arrogance and self entitlement you thinks you own Kenya. And Kenya cannot be fooled all the time.