Friday June 14, 2019 - Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has said he will sue Radio Africa for claiming that he is HIV positive.

In a publication dated June 7th, Radio Africa through its sister newspaper, The Star, claimed that Nairobi Governor was released from Shimo La Tewa Prison after he claimed that he is HIV positive.

The article was based on a court ruling that revised his prison sentence letting him out three months before the end of the sentence.

However, through his lawyer, Cecil Miller, Sonko told a Nairobi court that he has never contracted the HIV virus and attached medical documents from both Nairobi Hospital and Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

The Governor says Radio Africa has knowingly breached the freedom of the press and thereby exposed him to embarrassment and public ridicule. 

He claims that the contents of the publication were understood to mean that “I am an immoral person and is infected with the HIV Virus and is, therefore, suffering from AIDS"...

The flamboyant Governor also says the report meant that "I am an escaped convicted criminal and should it be trusted by any right-thinking members of the public and particularly my constituents who have elected me as the Governor".


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