Friday June 21, 2019 - Outspoken Kiambu Woman Rep, Gathoni Wamuchomba, has come to the defence of President Uhuru Kenyatta amid protests from a section of Jubilee Party leaders who were offended by the President's recent lecture about 2022 politics.

Wamuchomba asked Uhuru to call for a meeting of Jubilee leaders and read riot act once again to those hell-bent on conducting premature 2022 campaigns in defiance of the directive from the party boss.

The MP, who was addressing the public on Wednesday, asked Jubilee leaders unhappy with the President's orders to exit the party.

"The President was very angry and I urge him to get even angrier...If someone is tired of Jubilee and do not want to listen to what the boss is saying, then they should be thrown out of the party. The President said there is no politics.”

“Those saying he insulted them...if you were the President and people are insulting you on TV, what would you think? I support his remarks 100%," Wamuchumba said.

Wamuchomba was responding to Jubilee party leaders, among them Kandara MP, Alice Wahome, who vowed to continue with 2022 politics despite the President's warning against it.


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