Monday June 24, 2019 - Former Jubilee Party Vice Chairman, David Murathe, has shuttered Deputy President William Ruto’s dreams of becoming President in 2022 noting that President Uhuru Kenyatta does not trust him at all.

Speaking yesterday, Murathe noted that Uhuru will not hand over power to a renowned thief like Ruto.

He said Uhuru has vowed that he will not allow a thief to rule Kenya and that is what will happen come 2022.

"I know one thing for a fact that: Uhuru will not leave the country to thieves and a thief will not rule after him because Uhuru is not a thief," he said at PCEA Ngewa Church in Githunguri, Kiambu.

He accused Ruto and team Tanga Tanga of having stopped working for Kenyans and have resorted to promising to work for Kenyans in 2023 yet the next election is three years away. 

"You were given by Kenyans five years and another five years to work for them.”

“Jubilee leaders are in Government, but they have stopped doing development and are now telling us what they will do in 2023.”

“ Tell me – if you are in your right senses – can you be given work by Kenyans in 2017 and two years down the line you tell them no let's stop now we will deliver in 2022 once you make me President?" Murathe asked.

He was speaking at a funds drive to raise money to build a home for the elderly.


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  1. but the real thief is uhuru and his entire family and yourselves working in statehouse.

    cut the crap and stop taking weed/ganja and alcohol: then you can speak the truth for once.