How was I drugged by a smartly dressed man at the junction of Kimathi Street and Moi Avenue, Nairobians be-careful please.

Do you ever read those posts about people being drugged and robbed and/or raped, coming to in a strange place and find them "far fetched"? Well, up until Wednesday 29th May, I was one of those who reads such posts with some doubt. At about 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday 29th May, I had just seen a doctor in town. I went back to where I had parked my car to leave something in the car and run some errands before leaving the CBD. I had parked just outside Pan Africa Life (Sanlam) on Kenyatta Avenue. I walked towards The Stanley Hotel as I wanted to cross Kimathi Street. At the traffic lights (junction of Kimathi Street & Kenyatta Avenue), someone grabbed my left hand. I shook him off and turned to look at him, at which point he asked "Madam, Kencom iko pande gani?" (Madam, which way to Kencom). This guy then waved his hand across my face pretending to chase a fly😈 or something...This happened in a span of 10 seconds or less. By the way, this guy was very decently dressed🤵 in a black suit and white shirt, so don't assume it was some street kid, rough and dirty.
I decided to walk away without answering him an got into a cafe. I sat at a balcony to get some air, but started to feel very sleepy, dizzy and nauseated. When a waitress came to take my order, I told her that I thought I had been drugged. She acted very fast and got me into the seating area inside - away from the balcony saying that if the person who drugged me (or his accomplices) had followed me, they would easily spot me from there. She also alerted two of her colleagues who kept checking on me. She assisted me to make calls from my phone, but guess what? It was one of those days that people do not answer their phones. You know those days right? And I don't sell insurance🙃. Out of about 8 calls, only three people answered and none was in the CBD. But one was able to quickly send his friend who was in the vicinity. Charles my angel whom I didn't know until that day, arrived really fast, introduced himself and in my drunken stupor, helped me into an Uber and to MP Shah Hospital. I got admitted and immediately the team started to flash the drug out of my system. Took two nights and three days for me to start feeling normal again and stop sleeping😴 ovyo ovyo. I experienced debilitating headaches, nausea and severe dizziness. I vomited once. Doctors said they believe the drug used was Scopolamine (aka Devil's Breath👹).
I am glad to be out of hospital, safe. It could have been worse, but God watches over me and that day, He sent his angels to physically take care of me. I haven't gone back to Kilimanjaro Restaurant to thank the waitress and I don't remember if she told me her name as I was high as a kite🥴🥴🥴. But I will gather courage to go to the CBD and go back to thank her.
My advice -
1. Do not stop to talk to or even give directions to ANYONE. They should ask an askari (guard) if they are lost.
2. If you suspect you have been drugged, change direction and go into the first shop you come across. By the time you are being drugged, you had been spotted and perhaps even followed, so they most likely think you are going a certain route.
3. Do not take milk/water, etc. until you get to hospital. This is what one of the doctors at MP Shah told me. You never know how it will react with whatever chemical you have ingested.
Be safe!
Feel free to share.
Nairobians mutaenda kwa shetani!

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