How My Housegirl Stole my Ksh 20,000 —She Can’t Forget What I Did To Her

In November 2018, my house girl informed me that she urgently needed to visit her ailing mother in Bungoma County. I allowed her to be away from seven days. During that week, I asked for a one week leave at my work place. In a sad twist of events, after she had traveled home, she informed me that her mother had passed on and thus she will not be able to come back to Nairobi. Knowing that my leave days were almost depleted, I went into a desperate search for a nanny. A house help working for my neighbor told me her friend was available and could take up the task any time. I didn't ask her much, but provided KSh 500 for the woman to travel to my place from her home in Thika. 

She came to Nairobi on Thursday, December 13, 2018. After one week, I assessed her work and established that it was outstanding. Days after, I gained trust in her, I gave her KSh 500 to buy food but informed her I will come back home late. I was to attend a lengthy meeting that evening. After the meeting, I headed back home and arrived few minutes past 8pm. ADVERTISING I was, however, stunned to see people surrounding my house. I could also hear my child crying uncontrollably. Upon inquiring, my neighbours told me the baby had been crying since 2pm. When I opened the door, I found my child laying on the cold floor. The house help was nowhere to be seen. All my calls went unanswered. 

I went back to the house where I freshened up and started baby-sitting. As I was checking my documents and putting the house in order, I realised that KSh 20,000 I had stashed in a drawer was missing. It then downed on me that the nanny made away with my money. I didn't know any of her relatives or neighbour. Worse still, I only knew her first name. My neighbor's maid who had introduced me to her had also gone off the grid. But since I was determined to get my cash, I decided to fight to the bitter end. 

I contemplated visiting the police but neighbours advised me otherwise. One female neighbour advised me too seek help from a traditional medicine man. She said the healer had ealier helped her recover cows she had lost to rustlers. I contacted the traditional healer, and after presenting the case, he pledged to intervene. His name is Daktari Mugwenu. After two days, while sitting in my office, I received a notification indicating my M-Pesa was credited with KSh 20,000. 

It was from my new house help who had decided to turn against me. She was apologetic and indicated that it was her friend who influenced her to steal from me. Mugwenu insists, his spell casting powers works within 24 hours. 

These are some of the problems that he handles: 
1: Winning court cases. 
2. Winning the lottery. 
3. Protection of family and property. 
4. Future prediction. 
5. Blood pressure. 
6. Diabetes. 
7. Ulcers. 
8. Gonorrhea. 
9. Syphilis. 
10. TB. 
11. Manhood weakness. 
12. Hardships in business. 
13. Promotions at work. 
14. Clearing evil spirits. 
15. Stopping bad dreams. 

You can also get the help you need and wherever you are through distance healing. This type of healing, however, requires clients to be positioned in quiet places to allow for uninterpretable connection . 

How to contact Mugwenu Doctors. 

Call - +254740637248 
Website - 

Location - Majengo, Vihiga County Working hours - Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

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