This job vacancy is by Fanisi HR Solutions on behalf of our client Nyeri Golf Club.

The Nyeri Golf Club is looking for a Chef.
The Chef will be responsible for leading and overseeing a team of kitchen staff in preparing and serving creative, exceptional and memorable cuisines whilst observing safety and efficiency.
The successful candidate will also ensure there is a culture of excellent guest experience.
·         Lead menu creation and supervise the work of the kitchen staff to ensure efficient, cost effective preparation of exceptional meals
·         Prepare schedules, recipes, procedures and guidelines to be followed by the kitchen staff
·         Train and ensure all kitchen staff are aware of kitchen and related standards and expectations
·         Ensure consistency in food production, storage and service standards
·         Conduct quality checks to verify that standards are met
·         Collect guest feedback and take corrective action where there are complaints
·         Regularly brief the kitchen staff
·         Ensure workstations and display cases are cleaned and restocked
·         Lead the preparation of menu items, daily features and promotions
·         Ensures that high standards of hygiene, cleanliness and safety are always maintained in all kitchen areas
·         Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of all work areas, utensils, and equipment
·         Follow and ensure kitchen staff follow all safety and sanitation policies when handling food and beverage
·         Prepare necessary data for budgets, food projection, labor and other costs and monitor actual financial results and takes corrective action to ensure financial targets are met
·         Establish and maintain controls to minimize food waste and theft. Maintains proper rotation of products in fridges and chillers to minimize spoilage
·         Generate requisition for purchase of products and other necessary food supplies
·         Ensure proper staffing, maximum productivity and exceptional quality standards; control food and wage costs to achieve maximum profitability
·         Prepare reports for management
Person Specifications
·         At least 5 years’ experience in a busy kitchen in a reputable establishment with excellent cuisines
·         Experience managing a professional kitchen offering a variety of cuisines
·         Must have previous experience of cooking and food preparation in a high-volume environment and personalized offerings
·         Very good leadership and management skills
·         Excellent communication skills
·         Excellent customer service skills
·         At least a diploma in food production
·         Food safety Certificate (HACCP) and hygiene training
·         The ability to work on own initiative
·         Ability to lead and motivate
·         Excellent planning an organization skills
·         Ability to handle challenging situations and problem solve
·         Able to work flexible hours
·         Attention to detail and strong time management skills
·         Ability to work well under pressure
·         Report writing skills
·         Relevant budgeting and basic kitchen finance management skills
If qualified and interested please send your CV to Fanisi HR Solution, at email address jobs@fanisi.net by end day Monday, the 24th of June 2019.

The Nyeri Golf Club is looking for a Head of Operations whose main responsibility will be to ensure the club runs smoothly on a day to day and all strategic goals are implemented successfully.
He/she will ensure club members experience customer excellence.
Duties and Responsibilities:
·         Lead the implementation of the Club’s strategic goals
·         Ensure all the club’s values are communicated and embodied by the staff
·         Oversee the day to day operations of the Club
·         Liaise with and ensure the Main Committee is regularly appraised of the Club operations
·         Provide the necessary supervision of all staff and ensure they deliver on their work goals
·         Ensure the Food and Beverage team provide the best culinary experience to guests
·         Profitably oversee the running of the restaurant and other club activities
·         Ensure each team member delivers excellent customer experience
·         Ensure that the frontline staff, bartenders, and kitchen personnel always meet the expected standards of service delivery
·         Oversee housekeeping, maintenance and landscaping to ensure cleanliness and health and safety for all
·         Keep an eye on procurement to ensure costs are kept low and suppliers picked on merit
·         Provide secretariat services for all sub-Committees of the Club
Person’s Specifications:
·         At least five years of varied management experience in the golf industry, hospitality sector or other relevant sector
·         Bachelors degree or Diploma in Hospitality or equivalent experience required.
·         Must be able to analyze a profit and loss statement and extrapolate information from it as well as related reports
·         Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge
·         Ability to effectively manage a team to maintain a high level of morale and productivity
·         Must be decisive
·         Should demonstrate good analytical skills
·         Must have working knowledge of accounting and asset management systems
·         Demonstrated ability to manage operations to ensure high levels of membership
·         Very strong written and verbal communication skills
·         A confident leader able to interact with all members and stakeholders
·         Detail oriented, organized and efficient
·         Safety-minded and able to demand high quality standards for production and service
·         Able to work long flexible hours including the weekend
If qualified and interested please send your CV to Fanisi HR Solution, at email address jobs@fanisi.net by end day Monday, the 24th of June 2019.
Only those shortlisted will be contacted.

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