Monday June 17, 2019 - Renowned political analyst, Prof Herman Manyora, has revealed the reason why President Uhuru Kenyatta abused Central Kenya MPs who are campaigning for Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022.

On Sunday, Uhuru read riot act to a section of Central Kenya MPs who are campaigning for Ruto’s bid warning them of dire consequences should they refuse to halt early campaigns.

But according to Manyora, Uhuru’s anger stems from growing rebellion from Central Kenya which is attributed to a growing support base for William Ruto.

Last week, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) warned Uhuru that he is losing Mt Kenya region to his deputy.

Manyora said the report infuriated Uhuru because DP Ruto seems to be gaining ground in a region where he hails from and which he once wielded over so much power politically.

“If it was just Alice (Wahome), Ichungwa and Ndindi Nyoro, Uhuru would not be bothered. Uhuru is angry and bothered because today the ground in Mt. Kenya is for Ruto," Manyora said.


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