Monday June 24, 2019 – The Nairobi County Government is currently on the spotlight after it appointed lawyer Christine Ireri as its Attorney.

Christine Ireri is a greenhorn in the legal field with no experience and many insiders in City Hall are asking how she was appointed to represent a County such as Nairobi.

But some sources at City Hall said Ireri was hired after sleeping with senior officials of the Nairobi County Government.

“Yes she slept with dozens of men from Nairobi County Government to be appointed to such a lucrative position,” said a senior City Hall official who requested anonymity.

The official said most women who are employed by the Nairobi County Government are dunderheads and are normally hired after having sex with senior managers in Mike Sonko’s government.

Initially, the position was held by Lydia Kwamboka whose style of operation was always under scrutiny.

Before joining the County Government, Kwamboka was in private legal practice with offices at Chaka Place, Hurlingham.


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  1. women are lucking respect with their nunus nowday