FOR MARRIED WOMEN! This is how to treat your man and he will never cheat

My fellow married ladies😎😂...and you are a housewife..
Let's advice one another today...😋😍.
..when your man get home from work,before you serve him food,before you put his towel inside the bathroom for him to shower,give him sex😋.after he shower give him the 2nd round 😋then serve him food and water😍.when you go to bed,please don't sleep with bra,pantie etc.just sleep the way you were born😎( naked)😉

Let his mjulubeng keep on tapping your Batts through out the night 😀😁. Before you wake up early in the morning to prepare him to go to work,give him another shot 💥(morning Glory)😍.(shower)..serve him breakfast wearing a romantic Netty dress let your own man admire what is his.after, escort him "mpaka kwa gate"😍.chum him and say," MAY GOD PROTECT YOU MY LOVE,BAE,BOO, CUPCAKE etc". believe you me,that man will never cheat on you regardless. 

Pamper your man,Hawa watu nikama watoto wadogo😀😀.and if you can't do that to your man, somebody else will do that on behalf.and you'll live to say all men are dogs😂😂😂🙄.the only thing this niggas want from a woman is #SEX & #PEACE😍😉😉

  1. Yea! Tell them! Is this too hard for babes to dig?!

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