Fireworks!!!CYPRIAN NYAKUNDI’s statement after loose Nairobi Women Rep ESTHER PASSARIS was recorded offering MIKE SONKO free SEX.

Fairly strong rumours suggest that this alleged phonecall between Nairobi County women representative Esther Passaris and the vacuous Nairobi governor Mike Sonko might be just one of the ex-convict's cheap publicity stunts.

But if this conversation is legitimate, Esther Passaris offering to “love” Sonko in exchange for monetary favours shows that she truly represents the typical Nairobi woman.

That's why many Nairobi women find themselves 30, miserable and unmarried after using up all their younger year's riding every possible dick in town in exchange for mediocre shacks called “appartments”, cheap trips down to Mombasa a push up the ranks at work.

By the time she hits the 3rd floor, she'll be just like Betty Kyallo — A washed-up slut desperately hanging on to Subaru boys before they eventually ditch her. That's when reality dawns.


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