Sunday June 23, 2019-A new twist has emerged in the murder of Monica Nyawira Kimani ahead of the hearing of the matter slated for next week.

According to reports, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew, John Muhoho, has been adversely mentioned in the murder investigations.

Witness Brian Kasaine Spira told investigators in his submission that on the night of the murder, Joseph Irungu, popularly known as Jowie, called him and asked whether he had paraffin or anything inflammable in his house.

He said the question surprised him wondering why the suspect would one ask for inflammable substances at such a late hour.

In response, he told him he did not have any of the items he had requested for. ”My wife who was with me in bed also awakened by this call and overheard our conversation," he said.

Kasaine added that when he met Jowie the next day, he asked him why he needed paraffin that night. The witness claimed, in response, Jowie told him he wanted to burn some stuff in the compound before stating he was with "Muhoho who stabbed someone" that same night.

He went ahead to clarify that when Jackie Maribe's lover told him about Muhoho stabbing someone, he was actually referring to John Muhoho, the President's nephew and a close friend to lead investigator, Maxwell Otieno.

 Monica Kimani was found dead at her apartment in Nairobi. She had a deep cut on her throat, her mouth was covered with tape and both her hands were tied and water left to run on the bathtub.


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