Monday June 17, 2019 - Equity Bank is currently on the spot after one of the student who was offered a scholarship to Stanford University, US, was found dead.

Norah Chelagat Borus was a fourth year university student at the California based institution and was found dead in her room on Saturday.

“Yes it is true the family has received the shocking news, but her father and some family members have traveled to the US to establish the cause of her death,” said one of the family members

Norah sat her KCSE exams at Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta, and joined the California-based Stanford University to study Engineering.

She was the fourth best student nationally.

Last year, the brave lady took to social media to expose sexual harassment at Equity bank, a scandal the money laundering bank and Kenyan media - that is now “mourning” her death - ignored.

In her Facebook post in October, 2018, Norah exposed a senior Equity Bank Executive going by the name Philomena Kabiru.

Norah said Kabiru was a sex predator and he was preying on young girls who were being assisted by Equity Bank through the Equity Foundation.

Philomena Kabiru was later fired after Norah’s exposee.

Kenyans have asked police to investigate Equity Bank managers over Norah’s death.


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  1. the bank is a munkiki banks.

    those that work there have no job contract and have no voice. When their looting ATM machine give your withdrawal receipts with giving your money. when one asks for refund they refund you your principal and rob you your charges which should all be refunded all together with the principal same.
    the bank is full of sex predators from the top to the bottom.
    many have left working for the bank, cos they employ and don't give any job contract but feast on those poor bright kids in the name of wings to fly: fly where!

  2. Yaani kazi yao ni kutomba na kufira watoto masikini....let them all rot in hell kikuyu jinga mavi ya kuku nugu...Ruto choma wao kabisa