Could a demon feeding off you be the reason behind your misfortunes? Do you often feel as though too many unfortunate events occur in your life?

A Kenyan woman was feeling this exact way, as though everything was going wrong in her life. "I used to have strange dreams. I used to hear someone calling me and when I look around I couldn't see anyone, then suddenly I lost my periods, and I broke up with my husband"

Seeking help, she found her way to Dr. Mugwenu a traditional herbalist, who believes that the misfortunes in our lives are the doings of demons. "African traditions say demons are a result of the dead souls that never rest or they can be sent, intentionally, through a witchdoctor to cause havoc in your life"

He continues on to describe the different types of demons and incidents you may experience if you have one feeding off of you:

This demon is known for causing fatal accidents often resulting in death, and also known for preventing women from getting their monthly cycles. In other words, it's bloodthirsty and won't stop at any length to get what it wants. 

Failures in life that could've easily been prevented and poor academic performance are the usual occurrences that come along with the Murafari demon. This could mean accidentally forgetting to set an alarm for an important meeting or studying till two in the morning for the wrong exam. In the end you often find yourself constantly working hard for success with no real fruit to bear. 

Poverty strikes the individual possessed with this demon making themselves their number one enemy. Latifu will overpower individuals and compel them to be overly extravagant. As soon as the paycheck hits the bank, their balance will read zero just a couple days later. 

We all know wealth comes and goes but it's a tell-tale sign if it's just going all at once in different ways. Suddenly your property is lost or destroyed, a decrease in sales or a rapid accumulation of debts are all common occurrences with this mini devil around. The Jahari demon's main goal is to take you fifty steps back from what you've worked so hard for 

Nightmares and strange dreams are never pleasant and they can get an extra level of freaky when the Ruyati demon is in control. You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night; covered in sweat thanks to this demon providing an unlimited supply of bad dreams that seem far too real for comfort. 

This evil spirit causes enraged disputes among close friends or family members over minor reasons. If you've recently ended a long time friendship over something stupid, it may not actually be you or your bestie's stubbornness to resolve the issue.

Still single as ever? The Anzura demon prevents one from getting married and if it sticks around long enough one may never marry at all. A person possessed by this entity may potentially grow to be old and lonely for the rest of their lives.

An unhappy marriage may be contributed to by the Maimuna demon. It causes misunderstandings, quarrels and fights over petty issues between you and your spouse that never seem to end. There's never something the two of you can agree on from what to eat for dinner to what your next investment move should be as a couple.

These demons often go a lifetime without being cast out from some individuals and feed off of them until they take their last breath. So it's time to face your demons, literally.

Making a trip to visit mugwenu get you the help you desperately need. Besides casting out demons, he offers a variety of service such as making magical rings, raising your popularity and influence, helping win land disputes, tenders and much more.

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Could a demon feeding off you be the reason behind your misfortunes?
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