Thursday June 20, 2019 - Homa Bay Governor, Cyprian Awiti, has resumed duty after two months of absence from office. 

Awiti came back with a warning to his critics.

He asked politicians opposed to his leadership to stop launching endless attacks against him as he seeks to leave behind a legacy before the completion of his second and final term in power.

Awiti, who had travelled to Germany to seek medical treatment over blindness, said that he will no longer tolerate leaders who want to derail him from achieving his agenda.

During his absence, Awiti had left his Deputy Governor, Hamilton Orata, and County Secretary, Isaiah Ogwe, to oversee service.

He warned leaders who want to destroy his projects saying he will not take it lying down

 “I will report you to Government authorities if you destroy any County project.”

“You will be arrested, charged and imprisoned," he warned.

He also highlighted different projects he has established in different parts of the County since he was elected into office.

He assured the residents that he still has much to offer before 2022.


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