If you love travelling like I do, but you don’t have a lot of money to splash around, your dreams don’t have to be squashed just because of this. As a traveler you will mostly want to book a safari package that covers everything including accommodation, entrances, transport and food. Budget Safaris necessarily do not mean cheap safari but a safari that is not very luxurious and also not very cheap. Many Safari companies in Nairobi would hide some costs to make their offers look cheap; while on a budget, always try and get the full details of what is included and what is excluded. Click here to check if a travelagent is legitimate; avoid con safari agents.

So when making travel plans while on a strict budget, you will need to Book a safari with a reliable safari company in Nairobi that would guarantee you the quality of service, facilities and experience. I came across Kudu Safaris on Facebook and I booked with them Masai Mara safari package which I should say I did not only enjoy, but will remain as one of my greatest safari experiences I have ever had. Their Customer service with constant follow up while I was on the safari and providing exactly that which they showed me was so remarkable.

Here are ways to travel easily on a low budget in Kenya.

1.      Go on safari during the off-seasons.

The peak safari season in Kenya starts from July to November; this is during the wildebeest migration from Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya Masai Mara cross the Mara River. This is a spectacle like no other! While that is definitely worth witnessing at least once in your lifetime, it is also quite expensive. Travelling in the off-season is a good way to save money. Don’t worry, with the right guide, you will get to see all Big Five and African jungle royals even when it is off-peak. For instance, you don’t have to travel to Mombasa in December or during the ester for instance when everything is so expensive; with places like Mombasa, I realized that between March to May is the best time to book your Mombasa Diani holidays. This time, prices have gone down and all the holiday hype has died down. And not to mention that there will not be crowds of people which for me always works.

2.      Book in advance
Booking in advance has its own advantages as most hotels and places offer a discount for those who book earlier. You can also make a deal with Kudu Safaris and have the Lipa pole pole travel plan by making payments in Installments which is way more economical. Don’t wait until the last minute and start the rush to making bookings. If you are planning to travel during peak season, booking in advance before that approaches will mean you get to pay less than those who will book during that period.

3.      Do a group safari

Group safaris are FUN! You get to travel around the world with your friends, enjoy the excellent company (if you like your friends) and split the bill while you are at it. Why wouldn’t you want to do this? The best tours and travel companies offer group joining safarisin Nairobi at an incredibly subsidized rate, which is a wonderful incentive to travel in groups.
There are always daily departures for group joining MasaiMara safari and that can be combined with Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha Hells Gate and Crescent Island and Amboseli package safari offers.

4.       Visit common destinations.

Places such as the Nairobi National Park, Lake Magadi, Naivasha, Hells gate and Olkaria geothermal spa, Oljogi Conservancy, Ngare Ndare Zip lining are usual places you will never miss to have a group joining safari on every weekend. Preferably, you can get great deals which are not expensive when you book as a private group safari. Nairobi National Park safari offers are best done as private group because you can customize on the schedule to include lunch or picnic at your preferred location or your preferred style.

5.      Go on a camping safari

Camping Safari is amazing as you get to sleep under the mesmerizing African night sky in the jungle or forest! A camping safari will save you a ton of money on accommodation fees. Everywhere you go, even in the best National Parks, there are sections designated for campers. Here you can even cook your own food and bring your own drinks. Kudu Safaris have amazing private group camping safari offers whereby you choose your location (they can also recommend) and they provide you with transport in a safari van plus driver, all weather large camping tents and mattresses, camping beds and chairs, utensils and cooking gas. The trip is ideal for 6persons/3couples. The tents you can stand inside and are made of very strong canvas

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