Sunday June 16, 2019-Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa on Friday, asked ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga to move on if he's defeated in the next election. 

Speaking during the 'Inua Mama Initiative' in Malindi, Jumwa told the AU envoy that the Constitution will not be changed to suit his needs.

She further stated that Raila should not vie for the presidency if he's not ready to be defeated by Deputy President William Ruto.

"Political problems are caused by bad politicians. We have a big problem with people who enter a race with a fixed mind.”

"I want to tell those who never accept defeat that we will not amend the Constitution because they can't accept defeat. When you get into the game, be ready to accept defeat," she explained.

According to Jumwa, Raila was the source of most problems in Kenya today due to his nature.

"If you are challenged, please relax and wait for your time. You are the one who is causing problems in this country.”

"Let's tell him that even if we change the Constitution today, you will still have a problem," she added.



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