Tuesday June 4, 2019-National Police Airwing Commandant Rogers Mbithi is being investigated over corruption at the police airwing. 

According to reports, the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) which investigates corruption in the police service, recommended that Mbithi and the Airwing’s accountant be charged with the criminal offence of embezzling funds meant for Boni Forest operation.

The operation at Boni Forest in Lamu was launched to flush out terrorist groups that were discovered to be hiding in the dense forest. 

The pilot faces a disgraceful exit after a long tenure in the service, flying both retired Presidents Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki. 

IAU also recommended to the Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai that Mbithi's contract, which ends next year, be either terminated or not be extended.

A few months ago, both the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the IAU began investigations into cases relating to mismanagement of funds among others, after a whistle-blower wrote to the two institutions. 

Reports indicated that some of his juniors who felt frustrated could have leaked information that formed the basis of the probe.

Mbithi, an Assistant Inspector General (AIG) is the second officer from the military to head the 70-year-old police Airwing.

It will be recalled that despite the outrage that followed reports that he had on April 2, 2015, allowed the pilot of Cessna 208 to fly his daughter-in-law and her children from Mombasa, at a time when Garissa University students were being butchered by Al-Shabaab terrorists.



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