Cheating lovers are killers of all romantic hopes and dreams, and they cause a lot of pain for the other partners involved in the relationship. When your partner starts to cheat, a lot of things start to change. Your sex life, they might never have time to perform well in other cases they can fail to perform at all. Lack of interest in the family because most of their time is spent with their secret lovers. Most of all happiness in your relationship can go and there is always fighting and sorrow. Your trust towards any relationship may never be same even if they stop cheating, you can never trust fully again. 

This leaves you with a problem of insecurity which can lead you to other fights and arguments . They can spend most of your hard earned savings on their secrete lovers leaving you and the family in need at all time and they may not provide in most cases. 

Communication can never be the same that even if you had a problem, you can just keep quiet. Like any other problem; it is very important to know why your partner is cheating on you. Why do you have infidelity in your marriage? Asking yourself this question, can help you find a solid ground to fight this problem whether you are trying to deal with it yourself or using people like me. ​Why do people cheat? Tempting situations - not all people who cheat do it purposefully. Some people are just tempted until they give in. Influence - which can be money, friends or drinking. Abandonment - where by one feels left alone in a relationship or marriage. Relationship problems and instability - where by you are always fighting and arguing and then someone decided to find someone who can relax the stress. Sex dissatisfaction - where one partner is not satisfied sexually. 

Financial problems - which can be as a result of bad luck. It can also be having too much money that leads you to cheating. Spells that have been used on your partner Bad luck to you because every man you get, cheats on you or dumps you Agents of evil forces can also influence cheating. If you believe that 'once a cheater always a cheater' and you have lost hope to the extent of loosing your hardly worked for relationship. Then pause and wait. Don’t get caught up in the emotional dissatisfaction or unhappiness of an unresolved relationship crisis. Together we can come up with something that can stop your partner from cheating and protect your relationship from any intruder. 

Spells, rituals, charms, portions are available to help you, and the one ending and lasting solution is a love binding What not to do After noticing that your partner is cheating on you or after seeing some visible signs of cheating in your marriage or relationship, there are things that you should avoid doing or saying because if you do, they just make matters worse. Situation can change from cheating lover to lost lover. The advise I give to people, is when you notice cheating signs or real cheating, try to solve the matters personally by fixing what you think went wrong from your perspective or seek help from us at www mugwenudoctors.com or call +254740637248.

5 reasons why cheating is never good idea

There are many cases of cheating that unveils every single day.

When the caught victims are asked why they cheat, they all come up with different reasons.
Cheating should not be something that should be considered as an option.

One should never cheat since there is always no good reason for people to do so.

1. If you are unhappy, you can get out of the relationship

A group of people cheats because they are unhappy in their relationship.

However, being unhappy in a relationship doesn’t give you a right to going sideways since you always have the permission of stepping out of the relationship.

It is so unfair to be sleeping around when your partner is committed to you.

For that reason, one should never cheat most, especially if he or she has a faithful significant other.

3. Stop thinking about what you want, and appreciate what you have

After settling in a relationship, most of the partner will always urge for something better.

However, one should stop hoping for something better and appreciate what he or she already has at hand.

4. Cheating can bring unplanned pregnancies or STDs into your actual relationship
Did you know that cheating can lead to STD’s and unwanted pregnancies?

Well, to avoid such thing and later regret, one should better remain faithful to their partners.

5. You don’t have to be in a relationship

If you think you can never be faithful to someone, then there’s no need of you settling in a relationship.

It is better for you to remain single than hurting your partner’s feeling for having drawn him in a relationship.

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