Sunday May 5, 2019-Kiambu County Deputy Governor James Nyoro has disowned his boss Ferdinand Waititu over alleged Sh2 billion controversial budget and questionable spending unearthed by the Senate Public Accounts Committee last week.

Speaking to journalists at Boulevard hotel in Nairobi on Saturday, Nyoro distanced himself from the State House budget that was allegedly spend by Waititu in Kiambu, saying that he knows nothing about it.

He warned Waititu to stop beating around the bush, and tell Kiambu people and Kenyans where he spent the billions in question.

Nyoro warned that Kiambu risks losing Sh10 billion from the Central Bank if Waititu fails to account for the funds.

"Waititu's claim that he is not aware of how the allocations found their way into the documents are untrue because he ought to have gone through the documents before signing them," Nyoro said.



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