Friday May 17, 2019-A suspect in the Pauline Wangari, a prison warder in Murang’a, who was found dead in her apartment, has confessed to killing the 24-year-old while under the influence of bhang.

The suspect, Joseph Ochieng, told the DCI officers in Murang'a that the murder occurred after the two met for the first time.

 He noted that they had known each other on Facebook for a while before they decided to meet.

Ochieng cited that May 13, 2019, was the first time the two met after Wangari invited him over to Murang'a at her rental house.

The suspect is reported to have strangled Wangari after which she fell down and he thought he had killed her.

"Sent into panic mode following the development, the suspect said he reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the chest, neck and abdomen, and, thereafter, put the knife firmly in her grip in a bid to make it look like Wangari had killed herself,” cited the DCI officer.



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  1. Bangi sio supu... But then why steal form her? Something does not add up with this story.