What you are not being told about the chief who was killed like a stray dog in Chuka, the DARK SIDE.

By Joe Mithamo.

Residents of Kamaindi in Chuka,Tharaka Nithi County killed their local chief and the police OCS.
The locals accused their chief of corruption, impunity, thuggery and land grabbing. The chief was also accused of shielding his equally corrupt and criminal brothers.
Residents reported the matter to the government and nothing was done. Then the residents took the law into their hands. They cut the chief in pieces and roasted his body parts. When the OCS and his men went to investigate the matter, he was met with the same wrath. A chilling message it was!
This is what happens when you have a corrupt government and judiciary. Kenyans are getting tired. Revolution begin this way, like the Arab Springs.
The Arab Springs was triggered by a corrupt police officer in Tunisia.
One day in 2011, a 26-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi was getting ready to sell fruits and vegetables in the rural town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia.
Bouazizi was the breadwinner for his widowed mother and six siblings, but he didn't have a permit to sell the goods. When the police asked Bouazizi to hand over his wooden cart, he refused and a policewoman allegedly slapped him.
Angered after being publicly humiliated, Bouazizi marched in front of a government building and set himself on fire. His act resonated with the public and widespread riots begun in major towns fuelled by social media.
In the Tharaka Nithi case, the chief brother confiscated his neighbor goats after they trespassed on his land. He then went ahead and murdered the goats owner. Nothing was done to him. Impunity!
But the residents did the unimaginable....
Kenyans are almost at that point of "Kufa dereva kufa makanga. Kama mbaya mbaya...."


  1. Man eat man society is what we have become. Sad, very sad indeed.

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