Friday May 10,2019 - The national Government will order a ruthless crackdown against all Kenyans without the National Integrated Identification Management System (NIIMS) number popularly known as Huduma Namba, Tana River County Commissioner, Oningoi Ole Sosio, has said. 

Speaking on Thursday, Oningoi said that those who will not have taken their Huduma Namba will be considered a threat to the County's security and taken as non-Kenyans, which will land them in police custody.

He added that ID cards will not be given an important consideration, considering his officers' revelations that criminals operating in the County also possess ID cards, some of which are not theirs.

“Last year after the abduction of an Italian volunteer by militia, we arrested one of the key suspects connected to the subsequent murder.”

“He had an ID but when we forwarded it to the National Registration Bureau, we were told the owner of the document was deceased," Oningoi stated.

He concluded by saying those without Huduma Namba are frustrating the Government's attempts to secure the nation, which will land them in court on grounds of being a threat to national security.


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