Wednesday May 15, 2019-Police in Kakamega County have identified three local politicians suspected to be behind the wanton killings in Matungu Constituency.

Speaking yesterday, County Commissioner Abdulrizak Jaldesa revealed the three politicians are allegedly in control of the terror gangs in the area that have so far killed 13 people.

According to Jaldesa, the politicians have been financing the killer gangs, including fuelling their motorbikes, to move around killing innocent people in cold blood.

However, he failed to reveal the real identities of the politicians for fear of compromising the investigations.

“We cannot name them because that will compromise the investigations but we have sufficient information to hold the 3 politicians who are residents of this county to task because whenever we  go, their names are mentioned in connection to the senseless killings,” Jaldesa stated.

They have taken advantage of the biting poverty in the region after the collapse of Mumias Sugar Company and are giving young people money to kill each other. We shall not allow this to go on anymore,” he added.



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