The real owner of the fake gold is WILLIAM RUTO and his surrogates, See the games being played to fool Kenyans.

By Generali Osumo Jnr.
The real gold scammers are trying hard to confuse Kenyans by implicating Zaheer Jhanda as the man at the centre of the fake gold scandal. They are using the media to divert attention from the real soup.
Read this;
Why haven't the authorities questioned Zaheer over the gold scandal? Why has not Zaheer been arrested? Why is it that Zaheer is being prosecuted in the newspapers more than the persons who have been arrested in the gold scam?
Zaheer is not related in any way with the gold scam which is connected to the Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed. His involvement to the matter is only to DIVERT ATTENTION. Zaheer was duped by MPs related to tangatanga to link President Uhuru and H.E Rail Odinga to the gold scam which he later confessed and regretted.
Jared Otieno is the main man who is involved in this and in his gang chain it's involving a top government official who has now turned to be the top critic of other people only to divert attention from the real targets. Who is behind Jared Otieno and his gang?!
The answers can be extracted back from the past. We have selfie/photo/video evidence, we know who attended his wedding and gave him choppers to use during his engagement ceremony in Meru..! We know who Jared's friends and with whom they conspired to have GSU guard his premises where he kept the fake Gold.
I will tell you the face, confident and without any doubt of contradiction that RUTO who is the only man who has been seen in photos and in the company of Jared. The owner of the FAKE GOLD is William Samoei Ruto and his surrogates! That's the bitter but painful FACT.....
As usual he's that smart thief when cornered he runs shouting mwizi mwizi so that he can confuse the public! You will run but you'll never hide.
Kenyans are not stupid!

  1. Afrosinema 'dhahabu dubai' series one continues shortly...

  2. Wai for a fact looto =looting looto = landgrabbing looto=corruption looto=nepotism

  3. Wai for a fact looto =looting looto = landgrabbing looto=corruption looto=nepotism

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