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Please help me expose these two men who drugged me in Town. According to Mpesa registration it’s Samuel Chegero Airo and Bernard Maina Mbatia. They used the handshake tactic and I spent almost 4 hours with them. I vaguely remember what we talked about but somehow we exchanged numbers. I even went to the ATM, withdrew money and went back home to pick my laptop with one of them. We met the other accomplice in Town. We talked again then they directed me to some building along Kenyatta Avenue. Funny enough the entire time, I felt that they can be trusted.
Before I came back to my senses. They had taken my belongings and I was stranded in Town with no money and no bag. I reported the incident at International House and the Good Samaritan cop helped me get in touch with my family. He also advised me to renew my stolen sim before the thugs would access my Mpesa and bank account. I got home changed all my pins and retrieved their numbers through Safaricom customer care. I went online to see if I could trace them. Fortunately the thugs forgot to switch off the GPS and as per browser activity everything was traced to Kiambu. The next day the criminals called me using different numbers trying to inquire my whereabouts. I pretended it was a wrong number. I informed the cop who encouraged me to meet up with them but I refused. Once bitten twice shy! I went back to International House where I was directed back to Nairobi Central Police. They took a copy of the OB, the different phone numbers plus the serial numbers of the stolen gadgets. The cops promised to call back. I’ve never heard from Central Police. It has been 5 months.
Since one of my family friends is well connected, he offered to help retrieve the items. The police investigators managed to track their movements; however, they asked for a ridiculous fee to complete the task of which we didn’t budge. Recently I dialed the different numbers and all the numbers are still going through.The same culprits. The same voice. I have a gut feeling they’re in cahoots with the police because they’re not even scared to change their numbers. One even had the nerve to admit he’ll give me back my laptop if we meet in Town to shag. Just expose them. I believe I’m not the only one.


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