Thursday May 16, 2019-Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has fired back at his critics who have accused him of amassing ill-gotten wealth since his election in 2017. 

In an undated video, Waititu told the journalist that prior to taking reigns at the County Government, he was already wealthy and instead of expressing jealousy, his detractors should also strive to get to where he is financially. 

He noted that if he was to show off all his properties, some people would commit suicide.

“People should stop being jealous. When you hear someone has his own building, one should look for theirs. When someone is being elected for any seat they are not poor; they have their own plans and I had mine," he stated. 

"My first building in Nairobi is not 20 years and if I took some of my critics to Nairobi they would become insane if they knew the buildings I own," he added.

Waititu stated that apart from the city center, he owns buildings in Dandora, Kayole, Mwiki Pipeline and many other estates in Nairobi's Eastlands area.

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  1. Haya wezi wajitokelezee wazi uchi hadharani.... waengi sana kuanzia hawa wanaopayuka sasa. Hakuna msafi ata kidogo.