She told me, "babe uko na kitu kubwa"! Man narrates his sex escapades with a PROSTITUTE at the famous SABINA JOY in Nairobi

So I got a Job,first time job. Reporting time is 7am,from my place to town is far so I have to like wake up 4am to beat the traffic. By 5:30/5:45am am in town where was I suppose to go during those hours????

Wondering what my answer is????


Yes I could go chill Sabina joy in the morning just see these whores in mini skirts at times get some pay f**k. One day as per my routine I go there,just in my chill mode with warm soda.This Chic passes, a tight dress caressing her fine figured body and am there like why does such a girl have to come here to make ends meet,she notices am staring,she winks I wink back.....she approaches me "baby twende shot"..... Knowing we the born nineties love such tags babe bae hun.....she insists " babe vile umejaza poa uko na mwili fine,let's just go for a shot"

Am like "nafaa kwenda job in a few na Mimi hutaka blow job na shot"
That was the luhya in me speaking, little did I know I found ourselves in those sj rooms,she goes down on me and suck my 7inch rod but so thick."babe uko na kitu kubwa"I play that comment down.She gets a CD on it ...the girth is already illustrated my forehead red hot.....I go missionary on her just to play by my pace and time being a factor. I give it to her and in a few minutes the moans start,genuine moans.....remember this is a lady who get dicks around she never experiences such genuine mouns or etc...she moans while holding my back tight....and I go dipper kissing her lips while my hands grabbing tight her waist line, I give her some neck kisses and she Shriver's as she reacts to her weakness .....I go down kissing her chest driving my d*ck deeper,I reach to her nipples sucking them,while one hand on her thighs the other hand grabbing and caressing the other tit.......the lady in moans and she has let go I do whatever I want..........we all know how these whores are always mean with everything plus abusive and hard but this one was letting me have it all like a boss

Soon enough I go numb and the milky stuff comes out........
She gives a smile and she tells me its been long since she experienced that, she insists I give her my number while she caresses my chest. Since am always calm and collected I give her my number and she makes me promises to be in touch. 
So contacts were exchanged. That week at work I kept in touch all through with this lady,she was telling me how she bragged to her fellow whores at SJ that she got a young charming man who she has deeply fallen in love with,how she missed my d*ck in her,how she wants it in her mouth, how she wants some doggy style.

I too could tell her how I want that pu**y so bad to f**k till she cums,till she let go and be weak,how I missed her sexy curvy medium figure.

I did not tell you that this lady had two kids,she was older than this was a MILF thingy.
We managed to exchange nudes talked about each other life.

During this one week I managed to tell we need a rematch and that it should be body to body,flesh to flesh no condom stuff.She agreed but I told her the condition was to get twsted first(Fisi with brains).

She agreed then came Saturday the D day,I went to town did my test first I knew am safe....after a few hours came this mama we went together did the test togethe,She was astonished by the result.....

Nimechoka kutype...part two loading


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