Tuesday May 7, 2019-Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, has lashed out at Deputy President William Ruto over his recent defensive remarks about Kiambu County's bizarre budget.

On Sunday, Ruto who was speaking at Komothai, Kiambu County defended Waititu following the revelations that his county allocated funds for functions under the central government.

Ruto said that the queries raised about the 2017/18 budget should not be used to harass the county boss, adding that Waititu is not to blame for the mess.

"People should stop asking Waititu a lot of questions that have no basis. He should be asked questions about Kiambu County. We have cabinet secretaries to answer queries touching on the national government," Ruto said.

 But in a rejoinder, Babu Owino termed Ruto’s remarks as suspicious.

"Ruto kumdefend Waititu na budget yake inakuonyesha kwamba birds of a feather flock together. Huwezi mkinga mtu ambaye inaonekana wazi alikosea (Ruto defending Waititu and his budget points at birds of a feather flocking together. You cannot defend a person who is on the wrong)," Owino told Milele FM on Tuesday.


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  1. Loot-all and dish the money in central but always remember you know nothing about "mugikuyu"...mambo ni punguza mzigo kukuumiza jela mkiwa na waititu