SAD! A businessman who was making Ksh 5 Million a month reveals how the Jubilee regime has reduced him to nothing (READ)

We received this message from a businessman who started an import business back in 2008 narrating how the Jubilee regime has reduced him to nothing.

Read and see how it’s tough out here.

Am 32 years old now.

I have lived in Kenya the whole of my life.

I don’t come from a rich family but I have worked my way up.

I started an import business in Nyamakima Nairobi back in 2008. I was importing goods from China and Dubai.

My business did well; I bought my first car, built a house, supported many upcoming entrepreneurs to make their first million and even educated my siblings from it.

However, when Uhuru and Ruto came to power, things started taking a nosedive in my business; revenue declined drastically.

I used to make about Kshs. 5 million in a bad month and between Kshs 7-10 million in a good month in the years 2009 – 2015 Net Revenue.

Business was good then.

But from 2016 up to now, getting even a million shillings in month is a struggle. Note that am talking about GROSS revenue, not NET Revenue. So, if you deduct rent of all my shops and my office, staff salaries and other expenses, my friend, at the end of the month I usually remain as broke as a church mouse. Maybe the church mouse is richer than me because of offering and tithe in the church.

I am currently contemplating closing all my shops and offices. I have about 250 employees who benefit from me directly in form of monthly salaries, about 730 independent sales agents countrywide and over 1,000 families benefiting from my business directly every month.

It’s a pity that am closing down my business. A business I have run for the last 10 years. I can’t afford to run it any longer. Thanks to UHURUTO Government. Business Environment is no longer favourable.

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