Wednesday May 15, 2019-Billionaire businessman Zedekiah Bundotich, alias, Buzeki, has sensationally claimed that Deputy President William Ruto’s aide, Farouk Kibet, has been soliciting Sh50,000 for booking an appointment with interested parties to DP's offices.

This comes only a week after cutting links with DP for Isaac Ruto CCM party, citing frustrations and blackmail among Tanga Tanga team.

Speaking yesterday, Buzeki accused Kibet of disfiguring the DP's image through soliciting of bribes from desperate Kenyans looking for appointments with the country's second in command.

“These are the people who have held the DP’s office hostage. When someone, including old women, want to see the DP he demands Sh50,000. Where do you expect a poor mother to get Sh50,000? This man is a tax collector,” said an agitated Buzeki.

“The DP’s office has been spoilt by these people to the extent that every Kalenjin walking in Nairobi streets is seen as a con man because of some two or three people spoiling the community’s name. This stupidity must stop. This time we are going to speak the truth without hiding anything from anyone,” he added.


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