Sunday May 5, 2019- National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga has lauded Anglican Church Archbishop, Jackson Ole Sapit for taking a stand against cash donations from politicians deemed as corrupt.

Last week, Ole Sapit banned politicians from attending fundraisers at all ACK church country wide.

Speaking during the 60th anniversary of his late father-in-law Nehemiah Oyoo on Saturday, May 4, at the ACK Holy Trinity Church in Siaya County, the former prime minister alleged politicians had turned churches into money laundering avenues and lauded Ole Sapit for speaking out on the matter.

“Most of the money being distributed in churches is stolen money that is supposed to go towards building health facilities, learning institutions, roads and ensuring there is food security in our country. ACK Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit is the first spiritual leader to stand for the truth and tell off political leaders roaming around the country with selfish agendas,” Raila said.

Raila also urged the rest of the religious leaders to join hands with Sapit and support the ongoing fight against corruption by questioning the source of money that is being donated to the churches before accepting the donations.

 “Let us not allow harambees to become a subtle way of sanitising corrupt leaders. It is unimaginable that someone who earns KSh 1 million per month can donate up to KSh30 million every month in the name of charity,” Raila Odinga said in reference to Deputy President William Ruto.


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