Thursday May 23, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto has finally given former Prime Minister Raila Odinga something to celebrate about after he announced his readiness to concede defeat in the much anticipated 2022 presidential race, which he has already declared interest in.

Speaking on Thursday, Ruto said that he will not make any move to challenge the presidential results in the instance that he suffers a loss.

He added that he will peacefully join the Opposition and will not subject Kenyans to court petitions or demonstrations.

"Mungu akiniwezesha kama nitakuwa candidate, tukishindwa tutaenda upinzani. Hatutahangaisha wakenya na kesi, maandamano ama swearing in. (If God enables me to be the Jubilee candidate in 2022, if we lose, we will accept, we won't go to court, demonstrate or do fake swearing-ins, we will join the Opposition)," he said.

The nation's leading problem are politicians who cannot accept defeat. The other are political conmen whose main intention is to fool Kenyans)," he added.


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