Before going in depth about PSYHIC READINGS it is very important to understand what is a psychic reading and when and why you should go for Psychic Readings.

There is a Big Difference in Astrology Reading and Psychic Readings

For astrology reading we need name, birth date details of the person and then with various calculations and checking the positions and how the influence of planets and stars can affect and change our human life.

But for a Psychic Reading things are different. I don't know about others but what I do is I communicate with the soul, yes I am saying soul of the person and then try to find out the problem he or she is facing and then find the solution as what is required or needed. Again a soul has nothing to do with the age, date of birth, religion etc. Everyone has a soul and by communicating the soul, feeling the pain or happiness of the soul, I can know what the person is going through, what is his or her problem and what we should do if the person needs to achieve his goals weather it is success, love or any other problem.

Now if you need a psychic reading just email me your name and if possible your picture for me to communicate with your soul and find solutions as what I should do for you.


Now another important question is how much you should pay for a reading????

I have seen on the internet people charging big money as fees for their work, but again I don't think they should charge so much money to help people. In olden days psychics used to help people not for money but to solve their problems and in return whatever people used to give them they used to accept with happiness.

Yes I agree that while giving reading lots of energy is spent, as contacting souls and communicating with them requires lots of energy and time. But that does not mean you have to charge big money and I will say that Psychics should not demand big money to help others.

Yes this is true that some money has to be given as lots of energy is used for the work, but you should pay the amount you are comfortable with. I have seen people paying me even US$4 or Us$5 as they are students and cannot afford much money and some paying even US$50-100 as they are businessman, so any amount that is person can afford should be paid so that the universe around us will bless us with more power.

You can go for psychic readings any number of times you may wish it can be every month, it can be every 15 days depending on the changes we experience in our day to day life, as our stars keep on changing, it's like when we go shopping and we wear new clothes, at that time we are happy but after few months we see new clothes in the market and then we are tempted to again go for fresh shopping, similarly whenever you feel you need a Psychic Reading then you can go for as many readings you may wish.

Now I hope it is clear that why we need a Psychic reading, and for that what you have to do is that email me only your name and a picture if possible, with your questions and I will then email you in details about the same. Remember I don't charge big money as there are people who are charging a fortune, but as discussed that you have to pay a small amount of money for the Energy and Time is used, that's why I leave it to you that whatever you can you can pay email us via and the email me your picture and your question, I will guide you and will give you the best solutions that I can.

Blessed Be.

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If you may have any questions email me. I will guide you further.

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