Thursday, May 9, 2019-Drug dealers who have been supplying drugs to students at Technical University of Kenya(TUK) have been exposed.

Here’s information  on the drug-lords  courtesy of Cyprian Nyakundi.
Here are names and photos.
1)      That’s Shadrack Onyango Otieno. The drug kingpin of the area and a former student at KIHBIT who was expelled and lives in South B.

2)     That’s Stoner, the guy in black. His Facebook is Stonnah Buoy. The rest of the gang comprises of Paul aka Pablo, Dan, Alphonse, Bill, Jerry, and Basil.

3)     This is Basil Khato (in black trunks). He was expelled from TUK after he attacked a fellow student with a machete during Mr & Miss TUK beauty pageant last year, injuring him seriously. He was arrested briefly and later on released under suspicious circumstances. His friend is Roba, another famous goon at TUK and a gang member.

4)     That is BOB, Bill Clinton and another Basil (in black). All of them were suspended last year after attacking and robbing students during the same event. All of them are drug peddlers selling laced marijuana at TUK. Their parents still think that they are busy studying.

That’s the same Bill Clinton. He is known to be very ruthless and plays the role of the enforcer i.e. this gang collects tax from small traders including the food kiosks behind TUK and any other business being operated at TUK. They also collect parking fees from motorists who park behind the institution since the Kanjo don’t enter Block Z.
The owner of the property which the gang uses as a hideout is a Member of Parliament called Muturi. He doesn’t bother at all. They boast that he protects them. The MP has since lost tenants from the property, an old Kenya railways residential house turned into a hostel, after the emergence of the drug lords.
This is a very dangerous gang. I am currently chatting with another victim. They clobbered him and forced him to ask his parents to send them Ksh. 15,000 shillings. I have more photos but so far I haven’t captured any video. I am also trying to convince a certain victim to send me OB number after he was attacked with a machete and robbed by the same gang at Block Z.
I have spoken to an insider to send me a video and pictures of the marijuana and cocaine. He tells me they are very scared especially after you published. They sell 1 gram of laced marijuana at Ksh. 100 bob each. I will forward them to you immediately I receive them. Thank you.”

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