My Friend Conned Me Money, This Is What I Did To Him To Recover It - He Can’t Forget

Last year, two days before Christmas, my friend, whom we went to college together, told me his wife was expecting a child. Since I know what happens during that defining moment, I went ahead and gave him the Ksh 50,000 he had asked for. He promised to refund the money on 2nd January 2019.

On 1st January 2019 I called him to remind him about the cash.But as I was requesting him to keep his promise, he told me not to force him because he know ako na deni yangu.I said okay and continued with my business.

The following day I waited for the money and nothing came forth.I decided to call him on 2nd to remind him. But when I called, he cut my phone off.I realized there was something amiss. I decided to go to his house and get an explanation. When I reached at his gate,I found the watchman, who told me he is under instructions not to let any stranger in unless the owner gives an okay.I told him to call the owner and tell him John is at the gate. The watchman called the owner and he was told not to let me in.I returned home.

That evening I called him but he had already blocked me.I decided to visit his work place to get an explanation.

I got the shock of a lifetime when workers told me he disappeared with Ksh 2 million from the company account.

I didn’t know what to do from there. I actually wanted to give up on following the money but the way he had treated me, I wanted to fight to the bitter end.

My first thought was to storm his house and forcefully take some property, but I retreated because the law could catch up with me. I also thought of going to the police to report but I thought again police may not help. The last resort was to seek the intervention of a traditional doctor. I had heard stories of people eating grass, others being harassed by bees.

In my estate I asked for help from my friends and one neighbor suggested Dr Mugwenu.He gave me the following contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address:

When I called him,he told me to suggest what I want him to do.I didn’t want to kill my friend but I wanted him to return my money,so I told him,”wacha akule nyasi”.
I booked appointment with him and we discussed a lot.He asked for the details of the guy,Facebook and WhatsApp profiles.

After two days, what I witnessed on my compound was a miracle.My friend was there eating grass like an animal. Villagers gathered to see what was happening.

Luckily,I had warned them of the consequences and his wife was aware.In a split of a second,she came to me crying,”please forgive my husband,let me pay the Ksh50,000 so that you can free us”.She paid the money and that’s when I called Dr Mugwenu to set him free.I am happy up to now.

If someone has conned you money,simply call +254740637248 and you will get help

CALL - +254740637248 



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